Travitor Administrator Walk Through: The 'Courses' Page

This guide will cover the 'Courses' page and highlight some of the areas most relevant to Administrators.

On the main 'Courses' page, an Administrator will have the ability to create, edit, arrange, and search for courses.

The most prominent features of the 'Courses' page are highlighted in the image below.  We'll cover each of these in more detail.

On the top, right-hand side of the page are the course display settings.   These can be adjusted to reveal courses (and folders) in the default tile view or...

...list view. 

Courses can also be revealed, according to category, duration, or by various sorting criteria, using the Filter button. 

The default view on the main 'Courses' page displays 'Published Courses'.  These are active courses available for users to enroll in and complete.  Clicking on the 'carrot' to the right reveals a drop-down that shows the other course types that exist within the platform.  They include:

  • Draft Courses unfinished (not saved) courses or those that have been 'unpublished' (via settings)
  • Archived Course courses removed from the view of student (via settings); generally outdated material
  • Recycle Bin deleted courses (via settings)
  • Historical offline courses that have been added to the system via the user import template (inquire with CSM)


Folders are arranged above courses.  Individual courses can be "drag and dropped" into folders. 

The '3-Dot' icon, towards the right of the folder card, reveals settings, when clicked.

The first icon (from the left) deletes the folder.  The second icon allows for the editing of the folder title.

Please note: deleting a folder will not delete course(s) contained in the folder.  It will move them out onto the main tray of courses.

Folders are for organizational purposes only.  They cannot be assigned.  Sub-folders are not permissible. 

Courses are arranged, by default, as cards, below folders.  Each course card includes the category, course title, duration, number of lessons, number of enrolled students, and the number of likes that the course has received from students who have completed it. 

On the top, right-hand side of the course card, is a '3-Dot' icon.  When clicked, the course settings are revealed. 

The icons include (from left to right):

  • Recycle Bin moves course to recycle bin; completion records are purged
  • Unpublish shifts course status from active to drafted
  • Archive pulls the course from student view and moves the course to the 'Archived Courses' section; all course records are retained
  • Duplicate duplicates course; new course is created and includes previous lessons and enrolled students

On the bottom, right-hand side of the course card, is a checkbox.  If checked, a prompt will appear the the very bottom of the page.   

Here, you'll be able to apply many of the same actions as that of the '3-Dot' icon.  The course(s) selected can also be moved to folders using this method.

Please note: multiple courses can selected, using this method, to batch some of the actions available in settings. 

New courses and folders can be created using the blue, plus (+) icon on the bottom, right-hand side of the main 'Courses' page.


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