Instructors Guide – Screencasting

  • Set your resolution: Travitor’s video player uses a 16:9 aspect ratio, so you’ll want to make sure everything you record (your screen and your slides) match the same ratio. Head to System Preferences > Display to change your screen resolution to 1280 x 720 or higher.
  • Make your slides: If you are using slides, some great tools are Powerpoint, Keynote, and Prezi. Be sure to add lots of high-resolution images to keep students engaged.
  • Set up your audio: We recommend using a USB microphone like this or your Apple headphones to record the audio for your course. Don’t forget to keep the mic as close to your mouth as possible and record in a quiet space!

If you are just running through slides or a software demo with minimal editing, Quicktime is the simplest way to record and edit your course, for free!

  • Option 2: Quicktime + iMovie (Free)

If you need to do a little more editing, like adding a visual asset to the middle of your screen capture, we recommend capturing your footage in Quicktime and importing into iMovie to edit. 

Camtasia is our number 1 recommended tool for recording a screencast and editing, all in one. Camtasia offers loads of helpful resources and tutorials on their site. 

A good, free solution for capturing and editing your screen and webcam footage.

Although a little pricier, if you have a PC we recommend Camtasia as the best all-in-one solution. 


Need help? For help with filming and editing your course, Travitor offers a special discounted rate for Travitor customers! Learn more

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