The Travitor User Management API

What is an API?  - This is a kerjigger (highly technical term for code) on our servers that functions as a one- or two-way communication piece.

What can it do? - I'm so glad you asked!  Our user management API is capable of receiving user information (new users and updates), as well as giving information when queried.  

How does an implementation work?- The customer, or a 3rd party vendor working on behalf of the customer, will write code/script that pushes or pulls information to/from our system.  This is ideally done based on triggers (like if a new user is added in Active Directory or an HR system, code immediately writes that user to Travitor), but can be set up to transmit periodically (daily/hourly/etc.)  The recommended best practice is the former option, where the customer's system/code is writing updates to us whenever something changes on their end, it will be constantly sending us little bits whenever needed.

Full list of (most) available functions (see link below for full documentation and every possible API call that can be made):

Get Users - List all users and their profile info

Add Users - Add/update new user(s)

Get Groups - List all groups related to a particular user or all groups in the system

Add Groups - Add a particular user to a group

Get Group Admins - List admins of a particular group

Add Group Admins - Set/update admins of a particular group


Our API is REST / JSON based.  Not important to know, except that it's industry standard and some people might wonder if we use/support those standards.

What steps do I need to take to begin the process of setting up an API connection?   Simply contact Travitor Support or your Customer Success Manager and request assistance in setting up the API connection ( ). We'll send you the information needed to begin making actual API calls (the API key for your site).


Here is the link to view the API and documentation about it:

https://<customer name>

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